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Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Stop Vehicle Repossession

Losing a vehicle can be devastating to a family. Reliable transportation is needed for all the basics of life including getting to work, school, and doctor appointments. Car finance companies are quick to repossess vehicles even if payments are only a month or two behind. Fortunately, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be filed to stop a pending vehicle repossession and also to recover a vehicle that has been repossessed. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy must be filed before the repossessed vehicle goes to auction. It is importation not to wait until the last minute to take action. We are able to file emergency Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, even the same day if necessary, however we much prefer to have time to prepare the documents and provide you with information on the process. If you are facing vehicle repossession, or if your vehicle was recently repossessed, please contact Bishop Law Offices for a free consultation.

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